Board Meeting 167 - March 2011

Minutes of the one hundered and sixty seventh meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 08 March 2011 in Oceanic House.


Mr P Darling – Chairman
Mr B Batson
Dr P Lane
Ms J Summerell
Mr P Rowley
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw - Chief Executive

In attendance

Mr K D Sears
Mrs N Rutherford

Apologies were received from Mr R Wilkie


Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


Matters arising


It was reported that an introductory meeting with Don Foster MP had taken place.  He would be hosting a round table debate on safe standing on 21 March.  It was understood that the FLA would be invited to attend.


Chief Executive’s Reports (FLA(11)7&8)


The Board noted the content of the two papers.


The Board considered an application from Scunthorpe United FC for extension of the all-seater deadline.  Taking into account the information submitted and the precedents set previously, the Board agreed it would be reasonable to support the club’s application for an extension of the deadline for one month.


The Chief Executive to advise the Secretary of State that the FLA recommends that Scunthorpe be granted a one month extension.


Finance (FLA(11)09)


Following clarification of a number of points, the Board approved the statement and noted the proposed budget for the coming year.


The Chairman proposed that he should write to the Secretary of State reminding him that the FLA had agreed not to draw down its Grant in Aid for February and March to assist the Department address its cash balance.  The letter could be sent as a reply to the Secretary of State’s formal confirmation of the PSR settlement.


Green Housekeeping Policy (FLA(11)10)


The Board approved the FLA green Housekeeping policy.


Board Member match visit protocol (FLA(11)11)


The Board considered and approved the protocol.  It was agreed that it provided a helpful framework for Members, the Inspectorate and HQ staff when arranging Board member match visits and the Board agreed it should be adopted in the spirit of collaboration in which it was developed.

The practical arrangements as set out in the paper were agreed.  The Chief Executive reminded members that all requests for match visits should be copied to her.

Members would be eligible for remuneration for match/ground visits when representing the FLA.  Reasonable expenses would be paid in accordance with FLA policy.



Strategic Risk Review – FLA transfer/merger (FLA(11)12)


In discussion of the paper the following points were made:

  • While setting the minimum criteria was important and correct it did not provide the organisation with the capacity to grow and develop. It was suggested that we should develop success criteria which incorporated the minimum standard. We should also distinguish between our existing role and our expanded role.


  • The FLA should develop an international strategy to ensure our expertise reached a wider audience. The Chief Executive and Mr Wilson would prepare a paper on the way forward for discussion at the May meeting.
  • We should seek Government clarification on the aims and objectives for the proposed transfer or merger.


  • We could ask a third party to identify what the costs/savings would be on a merger.
  • The FLA should display a willingness to collaborate providing the host organisation could meet our minimum standards. Its reputation should at least be equal to ours.


  • The merger should not result in our ethos and operational procedures being swamped but should allow us sufficient identity to operate without being impaired.
  • The FLA should explore the use of parliamentary quotes to promote themselves.


The Chief Executive noted the comments made and would incorporate them in the redraft.


The Chief Executive to redraft criteria
The Chief Executive and Mr Wilson to draft international strategy/paper


Any other business


It was agreed that the Chief Executive should revisit and review the FLA’s current policy on sharing information, particularly following an incident at a football ground.  This should also take into account the duties under the Equality Act 2010.


The Chief Executive to review policy


Date of the next meeting




The likelihood of the April meeting taking place was minimal. However Members should keep the date available for a possible telephone conference if developments necessitated urgent discussion.    Subject to that, the next scheduled meeting would be Tuesday 10 May 2011 at 10.30am in Oceanic House.


FLA Secretariat - March 2011