Board Meeting 162 - June 2010

Minutes of the hundred and sixty second meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 9 June 2010 in Harcourt House


Mr P Darling – Chairman
Mr B Batson
Mr P Rowley
Ms J Summerell
Mr R Wilkie
Mr D Wilson
Mr J R K de Quidt     - Chief Executive

In attendance

Mr K D Sears

Apologies were received from Dr P Lane


Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


Matters arising


No items were raised.


Chief Executive’s Report (FLA(10)17 plus addendum)


The contents of the report were noted.


It was agreed provisionally that the initial sift of applicants for the post of Chief Executive would be undertaken by the Chairman and the applications of those that appeared to meet the criteria would be circulated to all board members before being formally considered by a panel of three. Interviews would be undertaken by a panel comprising the Chairman plus two board members. The Chairman would consult the board if it was proposed to vary the procedure. DCMS’s view would be sought on whether the interview panel should be supplemented by an independent member.


Annual Report and Accounts 2010 (FLA(10)19)


The Board accepted the recommendation by the Audit Committee that the accounts be approved.


The Chairman agreed to revise his foreword to the annual report to include a reference to the fact that the Green Guide was welcomed by safety practitioners across the whole spectrum of sports.


The Chief Executive would review the references to the Stoke incident to ensure that there was no risk of the commentary being taken out of context. He would also include a reference to the outcome of the Board’s decision on the licensing issues in respect of Bristol Rovers and Cheltenham Town. Subject to these changes the Board approved the Annual Report.




Short term funding issues (FLA(10)18)


The Board noted that DCMS had already adopted a policy of only reimbursing rail travel at standard class rates and agreed the FLA should adopt the same policy.  Any exceptions to this policy would have to be agreed in advance by the Chief Executive (or in the case of the Chief Executive by the Chairman).


FLA involvement with the Olympic Games (FLA(10)21)


The Board fully understood the important role the FLA played in its work both within local authority groups and with the individual local authorities concerned with the Olympic venues.  It was also acknowledged that the FLA’s involvement was appreciated by the local authorities concerned and had been encouraged by the Government Olympic Executive. However, the FLA could not act outside its powers.

It was agreed that the Chairman would seek an urgent meeting with the director of the sport sector in DCMS in a final attempt to identify how the FLA could be provided with the necessary cover in the short term to continue this work.  If a solution was not forthcoming the Board reluctantly agreed the FLA would be left with no alternative but to withdraw from this work.


Licensing issues (FLA(10)20)


Following careful consideration of the cases submitted by Bristol Rovers and Cheltenham Town the Board agreed to continue licensing the areas of level standing at both grounds subject to:

  • the clubs ensuring that the areas would be well managed by stewards who were trained, independently assessed and fully qualified;


  • in the case of Bristol Rovers the proposed stewards’ briefing arrangements and yellow hatching would be put into place;
  • in the case of Cheltenham Town spectators from other parts of the ground would not be allowed to linger in the Canteen area;


  • the areas being taken out of use as part of any future redevelopment of the grounds; and
  • the clubs undertaking to notify the FLA prior to making any changes to the layout of the level standing areas.


Date of next meeting


The next meeting would be held on Tuesday 6 July 2010 in Harcourt House at 10.30am.

June 2010