Board Meeting 153 - March 2009

Minutes of the hundred and fifty third meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 10 March 2009 at Harcourt House, London


Mr AJ Speed - Chairman
Mr P Darling
Dr J Dickie
Mr J Woodrow
Mr J R K de Quid - Chief Executive

In attendance

Mr KD Sears
Mr G Longhorn for item 5
Mrs N A Rutherford

Apologies were received from Mr B Batson and Ms J Summerell


Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes of the hundred and fifty second meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.



Matters arising


There were no matters arising.




Chief Executive’s reports (FLA(09)2 & (09)5)


The Board noted the content of the two reports.




Draft Annual Business Plan 2009/10  (FLA(09)3)


The draft annual business plan was approved. It was agreed that it should be submitted to DCMS




Financial Statement at 1 March 2009 and proposed budget 2009/10 (FLA(09)6)


Following clarification of a number of points, the financial statement was accepted.  The content of the preliminary budget was noted.




The Board noted that our lease would expire in 2010. We would shortly begin planning our response.



Draft guidance document on safety management (FLA(09)4)


The Board considered the draft guidance document on Safety Management.  Subject to some minor points the document was approved.  It was agreed that it should be circulated to key interested parties for comment.

The Chief Executive thanked Keith and his team for their significant contribution towards the production of this document




Any other business


The joint meeting in September would be held at West Bromwich Albion FC and Walsall FC.  Members would be notified of the timetable once it had been agreed.




Date of the next meeting


The likelihood of the April meeting taking place was minimal.  Members would be notified if the meeting was going to take place.  Subject to that, the next scheduled meeting would be Tuesday 12 May 2009 at 10.30am in Harcourt House.




The Chairman expressed his gratitude to all Members past and present, the Secretariat and the Inspectorate for all the support, fun and achievements experienced during his time as Chairman and Board member. 

Mr Darling replied, and thanked the Chairman for his significant contribution to the work of the FLA and offered him best wishes for the future.

FLA Secretariat - March 2009