Board Meeting 15 - June 2014

Minutes of the fifteenth meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 9 June 2013 in Fleetbank House.
Mr P Darling ​(Chairman)
Mr B Batson
Dr P Lane – via telephone link
Mr P Rowley
Mr R Wilkie​
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw​Chief Executive
In attendance
Mrs N Rutherford
1. Minutes of the previous meeting

  • The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

2. Matters arising

  • The Board agreed in principle that a licence to admit spectators for the coming season should be issued to all clubs submitting a valid application. The Chairman signed the recommendation.
  • It was reported that the Chairman had held a constructive meeting with Nick Pontefract, head of Sport at DCMS. A formal update was awaited.

3. Chief Executive’s Reports  SGSA(14)10

  • The Board noted the content of the report.
  • The Chief Executive reported that the SGSA were investigating employing a secondee for 6 months to support on media, marketing and communication activities. The role specification would be circulated to members.

 Action: Role specification to be circulated.

4. Annual Report and Accounts

  • The Audit and Risk Committee had met prior to the Board meeting. The Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee reported that the Committee had considered the Annual Report and Accounts for 2013/14, had reviewed the findings of the NAO Completion Report including the draft Letter of Representation and Audit Certificate and recommended that the Board approve the document, subject to the addition of the Chairman’s foreword and the correction of minor typographical errors.  The Board accepted the recommendation of the Audit and Risk Committee that the SGSA Annual Report and Accounts should be approved, authorised Ms Shaw to sign the Accounts, the Governance Statement and the Letter of Representation and agreed that the Accounts be sent for publication subject to the final approval of the NAO and DCMS.

5. AOB

  • The potential implications of any investigation into Qatar’s World Cup bid were discussed. The Executive would monitor developments and ensure plans were in place for whatever the outcome was.
  • Mr Batson asked whether the SGSA would consider offering guidance on the abandonment of a match due to racial abuse of players. It was suggested the SGSA might work with a club to develop a specific contingency plan, and Arsenal FC was suggested as a proactive club with a higher than average proportion of BME fans. It was suggested this was also discussed with Kick It Out.
  • The ‘Alternative Uses’ guidance document had undergone a critical friend review. Mr Wilson reported that there were potential new or topical issues which the Board would wish to be aware of.  A short briefing note on the issues would be circulated to members.  
  • Mr Wilson reported that the Wembley Stadium Consulting have asked to join the SGSA international board.

Action: LE to liaise with Arsenal FC to explore possible risk specific contingency plan. MG to produce short briefing note for Board on key points from Alternative Uses

6. Date of the next meeting

The date of the next meeting will be the afternoon of 21 July.
SGSA Secretariat
June 2014