Board Meeting 11 - November 2013

Minutes of the eleventh meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 12 November 2013 in Fleetbank House.


Mr P Darling     (Chairman) 
Mr R Wilkie - via telephone link
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw - Chief Executive

In attendance:

Mrs N Rutherford
Mr R Hebberd – for item 4

Apologies were received from Mr B Batson, Dr P Lane and Mr P Rowley

1    Minutes of the previous meeting

  • The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted and signed by the Chairman.

2    Matters arising

  • The Chief Executive reported that she had had discussions with the FA on how to improve diversity in recruitment. The Board noted the FA’s recommendations to use local government and diversity networks, and stressed the importance of diversity at executive and board level.

3    Chief Executive’s reports  (SGSA(13)12 & 13 &15)

  • Having discussed how best to revise ‘Accessible Stadia’ guidance with Level Playing Field, it had been decided that a more comprehensive review of the document was needed. This was an opportunity to update it in line with legislative changes and the social model of disability, but also to promote good practice in this important area.
  • The Board discussed, noted and accepted with approval the response to DCMS on shared services.

4    Development activity update  (SGSA(13)16)

  • The Board were invited to note the content and recommendations of the paper before them. It was agreed that the priorities for work with other sports and other countries should take account of whether activity would deliver public good and enhance spectator safety, whether it would help promote UK plc and proliferate the SGSA brand and reputation, and whether it would develop knowledge and understanding, both ours and others.
  • Mr Wilson reported back to the Board on the inaugural meeting of the International Project Board, which had taken place on 7th November and had proven successful. A note of the meeting would be circulated to Board members.
  • In discussion of the Development funding paper, the Board proposed a ring-fence budget of £65k (an increase of £10k to £15k for contingencies). The paper was approved subject to this change.

5    Future funding options

  • This item was deferred until the next meeting.

6    Injury Statistics 2012/2013  (SGSA (13)18)

  • The Board approved the paper, noted the downward trend and agreed that the headline figures should be published on the SGSA website.  A note would be added to the published summary that whilst the number of reported ‘flare’ injuries may appear low, the nature of such injuries could be very serious. 
  • The increase in the use of flares and smoke bombs at all sports grounds was a worrying trend.  The Board requested a summary of the recently published SGSA guidance. 

7    AOB

  • No items were raised.

8    Date of the next meeting

  • The next meeting would be held on Tuesday 21 January at Fleetbank House and would be an all day meeting.

SGSA Secretariat
November 2013